Tayal Sons’ roots date back to 1890 when Lala Chandu Lal Tayal and Lala Hari Lal Tayal set up seven cotton ginning factories across northern India under the flagship enterprise – Chandu Lal and Company. This enterprise led the way in the growth of cotton commerce in twentieth century colonial India and also lived through the economic and political transformations of post-independence India. Even today, our headquarters operate out of the same site as that of the original ginning factories. Tayal Sons came into being in 1972 when it started trading cotton locally across the state of Haryana. Over the past five decades, our scale and reach have expanded drastically. We have evolved with changing trends, technological disruptions, and new market needs. A dynamic and agile business model has enabled us to be an effective linking point in the cotton value-chain in a variety of crop and price environments. Today, we originate across all major cotton growing areas across India and are trusted suppliers to the largest textile mills. Cotton handled by us is woven into fabrics worn by people and used in households across the globe.

A Global Perspective

From t-shirts and blue jeans to towels and bedding, cotton surrounds us in every aspect of our lives. For years, clothing and home décor made of cotton have enhanced our quality of life by providing comfort and expression. Behind cotton’s global reach is an industry that provides income for more than 3.5% of the world’s population and employs almost 7% of all labor in developing countries. As the world’s second largest producer of cotton and second largest manufacturer of textiles, India is at the heart of how the cotton t-shirt you’re wearing gets manufactured. Tayal Sons, as one of India’s leading cotton trading houses, plays an integral part in this value-chain by supplying our clients the best quality cotton at the right price and right time.


We originate,

transport, and

supply over

1,00,000 tons of

cotton annually


We source our

cotton from over

200+ ginners

across ten Indian



4,000+ farmers

rely on and trust

our brand to

safely deliver their



Cotton handled by

us is converted 

into over 25

million garments